People of London
Published by Hoxton Mini Press - 2016
Cloth covered hardback, gold foiled, 160 pages, 100 colour images, 160 x 228mm

Motivated by my love of London and its people, I spent over five years taking photographs of strangers throughout the city. This collection of 100 portraits, which includes everyone from students to buskers and retirees to lawyers, is accompanied by intimate quotes and is a celebration of the diversity and spirit of one of the world’s most dynamic cities. 'People of London' is available in standard format and collectors editions from Hoxton Mini Press, Amazon, Foyles, Waterstones, Magma and the Tate Modern.

'People of London is a beautiful, intimate and rare depiction of London. It reminds you of the city’s distinctly diverse populace, whilst at the same time reevaluating portraiture as an art form. So whether you’re an anthropological nut or a coffee table book fanatic, this book is a must for all Londoners bookshelves.'
Freire Barnes, The Culture Trip